27 March 2015

Website updated with new port folio
1 January 2015

Working with American Red Cross to deliver a series of animation ( 12 scenarios)
for their online course - Babysitter training

28 June 2010

Our new website is finally Online!

23 June 2010

We now host videos of Dante the Birthday Devil on our website.
Check out the Project page for it.

3 June 2010

After a long time in the making, 4 Dante animation Clips for BirthdayAlarm.com is finally completed and Online

Go to www.birthdayalarm.com for the animation.

Here is a quick link to the 4 animations.

It is create in 720p, hopefully a full res version will be online soon. Stay tune.

2 March 2010

We are very fortunate to be working on the Animation for the new Transformers: Cyber Mission series!

A series produced by TG Studios.

The Series itself can be viewed from Hasbro's website.