Dante The Birthday Devil (2010)
Client: BirthdayAlarm.com
Credits: Modeling, Shading, Animation, Effects, Compositing, Audio & SoundFX.
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CharacterPoster Dante

Dante Snapshots

Dante - Angel's Foodcake (63.3MB)

Dante The Birthday Devil - Angel's Foodcake from Meanlow on Vimeo.

Dante - Lottery

Dante The Birthday Devil - Lottery from Meanlow on Vimeo.

Dante - Airshow (84.5MB)

Dante The Birthday Devil - Airshow from Meanlow on Vimeo.

Dante - Sauna (54.7MB)

Dante The Birthday Devil - Sauna from Meanlow on Vimeo.

This is an animation we created for BirthdayAlarm.

We had designed and built the character from our own imagination. We wanted a cute yet strong character.
The character design has gone through many revision before this final version.

Then base on the character, a scriptwriter was hired to gave us 4 basic original ideas for the animations.
We then started working on the storyboard, then animation and finally the rendering and post production.

The animation was originally meant to be a small resolution animation, but upon seeing how detail the character was,
our client had asked us to made it into HD(720p).
It was then that we had to redo a lot of things for these animations.
things that were not visible before would then be under microscopic scrutiny.
This also allows us to put in a lot more visual candy!

We also created the soundfx and background music for all 4 of these animations.

We are looking forward to do more animation with this character, with lots of 'upgrades'!